JB Weld Windshield Saver saves more than a windscreen

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Costly windscreen replacements or repairs can be avoided with JB Weld’s Windshield Saver. Any windscreen damage such as stone chips, bullseye or star shaped chips or any combination of these up to 31.5mm in diameter can be repaired easily and quickly using the patented repair system and resin.

It works on all laminated windscreens and diminishes the appearance of chips and stars. The kit includes advanced repair resin, a vacuum syringe, applicator, curing strip, alcohol wipe, razor blade and detailed instructions.

Straightforward instructions take even the most inexperienced repairer through incremental steps across the repair process starting with a thorough cleaning of the windscreen. From there the user is drawn step-by-step through the process of preparing the windscreen with the supplied adhesive disc to section off the repair site and provide a firm mount for the pedestal applicator which serves as a guide for the repair resin.

The repair resin is then carefully squeezed into the guide, any remaining resin can be kept for further repairs. The resin tube is removed, and the syringe is then pressed into the pedestal and once secured into place the plunger is pulled back to form a vacuum which draws the resin neatly into the chip forming a perfect seal.

Specific and varied time periods with detailed instructions on how to use the syringe during these resting and curing times are provided culminating in the final steps that lead to a solid repair.

During the final steps additional resin may be used to help smooth out the repair before the curing strip is applied and the vehicle is left in the sunlight for the final resin curing phase which can take as little as 15 minutes in sunshine.

A supplied safety razor can be used after curing to clean up any excess resin on the glass.

The windscreen repair is done, and a driver’s vision is clear again.

JB Weld Windshield Saver is a dependable product that forms part of an internationally renowned stable of adhesives, a brand that has built its fine reputation on providing high quality epoxy bonds.

JB Weld products are found in every mechanical workshop from the local service mechanic to the engineer in a professional motorsport team, and in the toolbox of every DIY enthusiast.

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